Week 38…

Well after 3 odd years, I thought I better get something down on “paper” given that I’m about that far off being a Dad! (Yeah pretty exciting stuff!)

So, what has happened over the last few years….

  • Met Prue
  • Bought a House
  • Knocked Up Prue
  • …Had a child (soon!)

So, what goes through your mind as a parent to be. Well for the technology geek that I am it was “how the hell am I going to store all these photos”. Actually I lie, it was “I need a new camera” and then, where am I going to store them all.

The internet has really come a very long way in the last few years. Amazon S3 has come leaps and bounds and there are some really cool companies that are building upon it now (besides Dropbox!)

So, wanting both the features of storing HEAPS of data and somewhere that was going to give me some cool functionality (lots of which they still seem to be building) I settled on SmugMug!

For under $100 you get all the storage you could ever want with some really easy to use gallery pages which make it great to be able to show the world your piccies.

So you want to see these pics? Point your browser here <–

I’m currently uploading a whole swag of really old pics but once Cupcake arrives, it’s gonna be nothing but bare bums, shower times, funky looking nappies and everything that parenthood brings with it.

Now that I’ve finally got this thing back up and running I’ll try and put words here more often (and if they make little to no sense it’s because it’s the middle of the night and I’m up with the baby!)

Until next time…. G

Well I guess it’s about time I wrote something…

Well hello from the depths of the cold basement of the MCG, also known as the St John Comms Room.

Well it’s been a bit of a while since I’ve put anything up here, (yeah, yeah, I’m slack, I know) and though oh well, seeing as I’m sitting here doing not much else I better give some of my loyal readers a bit of an update on the Life of Greg.

So, where to start (I guess the beginning is a good place!)

Since the last entry on July 16th, I’ve been backwards and forwards to Adelaide a few times, I’ve had a girlfriend, I’ve ditched a girlfriend, I’ve got a new car (or maybe I already wrote about that… can’t remember), I’ve spent way too much time Scouting and St Johning and right now, I’ve got a bastard of a head cold and I’m sitting at the MCG doing comms for St John at the football today.

So there you go, a quick summary of the past month or so.

On the work front, things seem to be going quite stedily at the moment, no real complaints there. The social aspect of the calendar is some what lacking at the moment, but hopefully I’ll manage to turn that around in the coming months.

The home front, well I haven’t been there much to really get in to too much trouble. I finally got around to fixing my Media Centre PC which blew a power supply over 12 months ago, only to replace it this week to find there were 3 blown capacitors on the motherboard that had also been cooked and therefor the graphics card wouldn’t work either. So a new mobo, ram and graphics card later, I’ve got my newly refirbished Media Centre back up running, this time with Vista Media Centre and I must say, I am quite impressed.

IceTV has had a big facelift both on the Website Front, the Media Centre Front and of course the iPhone front, and with the iPhone application it is now better than ever.

Oh, I better throw in here that I’m pregnant with Jackie Christini’s alien love child, yes, you heard it here first! I just want the baby bonus dammit! I’m just like one of those desparate Frankston single slutty mums (whoops did I say that out loud!). Push out a kid to get me a new TV and my next hit of heroin! :P

What else is happening, oh, did I mention that I am high on cold and flu tablets? Oh, did I mention that I am high on cold and flu tablets? :P CQ 40 Meters Over Over! Again, Again,!

Tonight off to Whitehorse Showtime, and tomorrow I think a day doing sweet FA is on the cards. Might head to the gym if my head is feeling a little less clagged up.

Oh well, time to focus on my job.



My life from an airport

Well you guessed it in one, I’m back traveling again.

Just when I thought it might be a couple of weeks before I’d have to travel again, I copped the 10pm phone call and off I was to Adelaide at the crack of dawn this morning.

Thank god for Qantas Club. I don’t think I would survive the long hours sitting around at airports with out it.

So, to kill the time, It’s time to play catch up on the life of Greg.

What’s been happening you ask? Well to be honest, not a hell of a lot really. Life has been fairly hectic with both St John and Scouts, which has left not much time for anything else. Other than that, finally got my new car… yes yes I know, another new car :P but hey, you work hard, you play hard :P

Yesterday I went down to the Melbourne 4×4 Training grounds to put the new car, Toyota Prado, through its paces in a nice controlled environment which was great fun. Pitty I have to clean the bloody thing now.

Some photos will be up on the all new picture gallery soon! (As soon as I get home to upload the damn things! – Kinda ran out of time last night). So follow the link on the right to the gallery to check it all out! You’ll have to bear with me as I’m still setting the whole Coppermine thing up.

It’s really quite interesting to sit here in Qantas Club and listen to some of the absolute shite that people are talking. Quite funny. Wack a few free drinks into someone and it’s quite amazing the conversation topics that come up.

Anyhoo, time to fly. $20 says it’s delayed and I sit on the tarmac for 30 minutes again!


iPhone 3G – Coming July 11th! (& WWDC Keynote Wrap Up)

Well folks, it’s official – The iPhone will be available in Australia on July 11th!

I am writing this post as I’m watching the WWDC keynote.

Well, WWDC – firstly, iPhone 2.0 software is out! 3 Parts to it.

  1. Enterprise Support – Microsoft Exchange Support! :D Push Email, Push Contacts, Push Calendars, GAL Lookup, and Remote Wipe! Cisco VPN built in! Some great new features!
  2. The second big thing with the iPhone launched at WWDC is the 2.0 SDK (Software Development Kit). This is HUGE! Now you as a developer will have access to the source and coding tools to develop a content rich application platform for your iPhones! WOW, this is big!
  3. And last but no least, MobileMe

Now going off WWDC for a sec – Looking at the Australian iPhone Website shows that you can only get the iPhone from Optus & Vodafone at this stage. Will Telstra get the phone? Well speaking to an un-named source…. the answer is yes, but they are just playing the cards close to their chest right now.

OK – so the features…..

  • Phone
  • iPod
  • Enterprise Email Support for Microsoft Exchange
  • 3G
  • GPS
  • Web Browsing
  • Added Security with two factor authentication and the list goes on…. see here!

Now, back to the iPhone. Pricing here in Australia hasn’t been released. But… going by the WWDC US Pricing…. 16GB $299USD, 8GB $199USD so I would expect to see it here for +$50-$100 there abouts.

The hot word with all the Developers that they had on stage was FREE FREE FREE! So it looks like there will be some cool free apps available for the iPhone. That, and the SDK will be available and very very cool for all!

Ok, so now, out of the box, you’ve got the Exchange Support, so also, Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as Pages, Numbers etc. A Scientific calculator, Parental Control and heaps of language support.

On the dev front, the app store will be great! Download applications straight to your iPhone. Developers can share their apps, set their own price, and Apple don’t charge hosting of Credit Card fees, but, they do only pass on 70% of the total to the developer, so essentially there is a 30% fee for using the Application Store.

So the next biggest announcement is Push email for those without their own Exchange server – Apple call it MobileMe. All very self explanitory, simply push email, calendar and contacts without an Exchange Server.

So there you have it, 70 Countries, and launched in 22 on July 11th!

Happy iPhoning!


To watch the keynote – click here!

Apple Non Disclosure Agreements, not so scary!

Well, from the images below, we can see that the Apple iPhone is well and truly here. With WWDC (Apple World Wide Developers Conference) next week, it is only a few days away until we see the v2 Apple iPhone!

As you can see, Apple have sent out their pre-release iPhones with a very nasty DO NOT OPEN Non Disclosure Agreement….. but to some, obviously not that scary……. :P

So, watch this space, Apple iPhone less than a week away! w00t!